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Table 1 Kappa coefficients of the items in the low back pain questionnaire for adolescents (n = 40)

From: Prevalence and associated characteristics of recurrent non-specific low back pain in Zimbabwean adolescents: a cross-sectional study

Question Kappa value Comment
Q1: Lifetime prevalence 0.72 Substantial
Q3: Prevalence of Recurrent NSLBP 0.51 Moderate
Q4: LBP Frequency 0.73 Substantial
Q5: LBP Duration 0.96 Perfect
Q7: Sciatica 0.32 Fair
Q8: Period prevalence 0.48 Moderate
Q10: Medical Treatment 0.56 Moderate
Q12: School Absenteeism 0.88 Perfect
Q13: School-bag 1 Perfect
Q14: School-bag weight perception 0.74 Substantial
Q15: Duration of carrying school-bag 0.86 Perfect
Q16: Method of carrying school-bag 0.83 Perfect
Q17: Sports participation 1 Perfect
Q19: Sports duration 1 Perfect
Q20: Sedentary time 0.60 Perfect
Q21: Smoking status 0.83 Perfect