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Table 1 Entries in the Norwegian Patient Registry defined by ICD-10 alone and no procedure codes indicative of hip fracture

From: The incidence of hip fractures in Norway –accuracy of the national Norwegian patient registry

Subgroup defined by ICD-10 alone True ICD-code Number of cases
Validated reason for hospital stay   
Outpatient control   135
Transfers for rehabilitation at other health institutions   24
Transfers for rehabilitation at other health institutions   14
Outpatient control, coding error (13 in total, specified below in brackets)   
Definitive fractures with performed operations, missing NOMESCO coding S 72 35
Conservatively treated fractures S 72 15
Erroneous registration, no contact   15
Death before operation for hip fracture S 72 8
Death after operation S 72 8
Admission in an internal medicine ward, no current fracture - 7
Trochanter major avulsion, conservative treatment S 72 7
Hip contusion, no fracture (1) S 70.0 7
Tibial fracture (3) S 82 5
Removal of osteosynthesis material as a manner of pain-reduction in hip fractures treated >1 year prior to actual hospital stay Z47.0 3
Humerus fracture (1) S 42.2 3
Prosthetic failure or luksation (1) T 84.0 3
Lower leg pain or hip fracture >1 year prior (3) - 3
Dupyutrens contracture (2) M 72.0 2
Femoral shaft fracture (1) S 72.3 2
Pelvis fracture (1) S 32.8 2
Girdlestone replacement S 72 1
Traumatic vertebral fracture S 32.2 1
Sternum fracture S22.0 1
Distal radius fracture S52.5 1
Quadriceps rupture S76.1 1
Bimalleolar fracture S82.5 1
Cutaneous lesion in the hip region, fine-needle aspiration   1
Observation, other reason Z03.9 1
Decubital wound, operation for hip fracture four months prior L89 1
  1. Italic letters: false positive fracture cases, 74 out of 307 entries.
  2. Bold letters: false negative fracture cases (using a strict fracture definition defined by a combination of ICD-10 diagnosis codes and NOMESCO procedure codes), 74 out of 307 entries.