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Table 1 Sequence alignment of the last 10 aa of NC-1 domain of ColX α1 chain in different species

From: Type X collagen levels are elevated in serum from human osteoarthritis patients and associated with biomarkers of cartilage degradation and inflammation

Species Sequence Database
Homo sapiens1 SFSGFLVAPM GenBank:CAA46236.1
Mus musculus2 SFSGFLVAPM GenBank:CAA46237.1
Bos taurus3 SFSGFLVAPM NCBI: NP_777059.1
Rattus norvegicus4 SFSGFLVAP I GenBank: CAA10518.1
Canis lupus familiaris5 SFSGFLVAPM NCBI: XP_003639449.1
Equus caballus6 SFSGFLVAPM NCBI: XP_001504151.1
  1. 1Human; 2Mouse; 3Cattle; 4Rat; 5Dog; 6Horse.