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Table 2 Identified measures of stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis low disease activity

From: Measurement of stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in low disease activity or remission: a systematic review

First author + yr of publ Instrument and phrasing n
Hazes, 1993 [31] 1) Severity: 10 cm VAS 'no’ to 'very severe’ 78
2) Severity: NRS from 0 'no’ to 10 'very severe’.
3) Duration of MS (minutes):
1) 'how long does you MS last until it begins to improve?’
2) 'how long does your MS last until maximum improvement occurs?’
3) 'how long does it take you to get going properly?’
Khan, 2009 [32] Duration of MS (minutes) in time from waking to time of max improvement in last week, in 4 categories: 5439
none, mild (1–30), moderate (31–60) and severe (>60)