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Table 2 Three job groups from The Lower Body Job Exposure Matrix

From: An expert-based job exposure matrix for large scale epidemiologic studies of primary hip and knee osteoarthritis: The Lower Body JEM

Job group number Danish industry number* ISCO Occupational titles Exposure estimates (mean of five experts’ ratings) for a working day of eight hours
     Standing/walking (hours/day) Kneeling/squatting (hours/day) Whole-body vibration (hours/day) Total load lifted (kg/day) Frequency of lifting loads weighing ≥20 kg (times/day)
1 1 1311 General manager, agriculture (except those in nurseries and green houses) 4.8 0.2 1.1 900 9.6
   6111 Farm worker, skilled/potato
   6112 Farmer, fruit
   6121 Farmer, horse breeding; farm worker
   6122 Farmer, poultry/hatching and breeding; breeder, poultry
   6129 Farmer, fur/non-domesticated animals
   6130 Farmer, mixed farming; farm worker, skilled/mixed farming
   9211 Groom, stud; labourer, farm
   no ISCO Farmer, fur/non-domesticated animals (mink); groom
12 2 8231 Machine-operator, rubber; machine-operator, vulcanising/rubber goods 6.7 0.2 0.0 1150 6.4
48 3 8161 Operator, generator/electric power 4.0 0.2 0.0 380 2.4
   8162 Operator, boiler plant/steam      
  1. *Numbers according to the 9-grouping of industries defined by Statistics Denmark: 1 – Agriculture, fishing and quarrying, 2 – Manufacturing, 3 – Electricity, gas and water supply.
  2. ISCO codes in accordance with the International Standard Classification of Occupations.