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Figure 4 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Figure 4

From: Application of Ni-Ti Alloy connector for the treatment of comminuted coronal plane supracondylar-condylar femoral fractures: a retrospective review of 21 patients

Figure 4

Representative case. (a,b) a 32-year-old male patient was presented with comminuted supracondylar-condylar fracture of the right distal femur, associated with patellar fracture and medial collateral ligament injury. (c) The CT shows coronal plane fracture of supracondylar-condylar femur. (d,e) Post-operation radiographs with 30 months follow-up indicate the fracture has healed well. No evidence of osteonecrosis or development of traumatic arthritis can be observed.

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