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Table 3 Diagnoses in 67 patients with femoral lengthening and prophylactic nailing on removal of the fixator

From: Prophylactic titanium elastic nailing (TEN) following femoral lengthening (Lengthening then rodding) with one or two nails reduces the risk for secondary interventions after regenerate fractures: a cohort study in monolateral vs. bilateral lengthening procedures

Group Diagnosis Male Female Total
(n) (n) (n)
A Achondroplasia 17 15 32
  Hypochondroplasia 0 2 2
B Congenital disorders, hemimelia 11 9 20
  acquired LLD 1 6 7
  Other causes and idiopathic LLD 3 3 6
Sum   32 35 67
  1. Group A includes 34 patients with 68 bilateral femoral lengthening procedures, group B includes 33 patients with unilateral lengthening procedures of the femur.
  2. LLD, leg length discrepancies.