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Table 3 Costs of different items (euros) according to the type of treatment

From: Use of resources and costs associated with the treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture at an orthopedics and traumatology surgery department in Denia (Spain): collagenase clostridium hystolyticum versus subtotal fasciectomy

  FSC Total FSC CCH Total CCH
Costs prior to surgery 181.07   56.03  
Operating room costs 904.05 1085.12 748.51 804.54
Post-surgical costs (care + visits) 134.62 1219.74 70.70 875.24
MAS without RHB 121.32 1341.06   
Admission without RHB 267.48 1487.22   
RHB 473.83    
MAS with RHB   1814.89   
Admission with RHB   1961.05   
Minor ambulatory surgery    77.28 952.52
  1. FSC: Fasciectomy; CCH: Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum; MAS: Major Ambulatory Surgery; RHB: Rehabilitation. Minor ambulatory surgery requires no admission and is performed in a mini-operating room.