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Table 3 Common patient goals after total knee arthroplasty +

From: The AViKA (Adding Value in Knee Arthroplasty) postoperative care navigation trial: rationale and design features

Weekly 1–4 ( postoperatively ) ▪ Reduce pain, swelling; improve sleeping
▪ Adhere to prescribed physical therapy routine
▪ Improve range-of-motion (extension and flexion)
▪ Move from walker → cane → no supportive device
▪ Improve mobility; increase walking distance (getting out of the house, walking up and down stairs)
▪ Reduce pain medications
Weekly 6–10 ( postoperatively ) ▪ Limit pain medications to evenings and before physical therapy sessions
▪ Improve speed and stability of gait
▪ Start driving again
▪ Return to work
▪ Walk up and down stairs “reciprocally” (“foot-over-foot”)
▪ Improve range of motion (extension and flexion)
▪ Fit physical therapy into increasingly busy routine
▪ Increase time and comfort on stationary bicycle
▪ Prepare for athletic goals (tennis, biking, walking, hiking, golf, etc.)
▪ Return to regular daily walking, stretching, exercise routines
▪ Adhere to prescribed physical therapy routine
Weekly 14–22 ( postoperatively ) ▪ Develop a regular routine that includes physical activity
▪ Continue to strengthen leg muscles
▪ Return to athletic activities (tennis, biking, walking, hiking, golf, etc.)
  ▪ Manage co-morbid musculoskeletal conditions
  1. +Each patient is unique and the trajectory of recovery can vary greatly; however, this table is intended to give a general sense of what many patients’ goals may be at different stages of recovery.