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Table 1 Examples of patients’ desires of functional improvements linked to the international classification of functioning, disability and health

From: Functional improvements desired by patients before and in the first year after total hip arthroplasty

2ndlevel classification 3rdlevel classifiacation Patient’s free text response
b455: Exercise tolerance functions b4550: General physical endurance “Improve endurance”
b730: Muscle power functions b7301: Power of muscles in one limb “Improve muscle strength in the limb”
b755: Involuntary movement reaction functions No code at 3rd level “Balance”
Walking (d450) d4500: Walking “To walk”
d4501: Walking long distances “Walking longer distances”
Moving around (d455) d4551: Climbing “Walking on stairs”
Dressing (d540) d5402: Putting on socks and shoes “Putting on sock and shoes”
“Tie shoes”
Caring for household objects (d650) D6505: Taking care of plants and animals “Gardening”
Recreation and leisure (d920) d9201: Sport “Skiing”
“Playing golf”
“Playing tennis”
“Playing badminton”
“To participate in a training group”
d9208: Other specified recreation and leisure activities “Hiking in the mountain”
“Go for long walks in the woods”
“Go for walks a couple of hours”
“Go for long walks with the dog”
“Build a cottage”