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Table 2 Results of one-way ANOVAs and two-way ANCOVAs (main effects and interactions)

From: Differences in gait characteristics between total hip, knee, and ankle arthroplasty patients: a six-month postoperative comparison

  Speed Group effect Side effect Group by side
Walking velocity Normal F=12.38 (p<0.001) - -
  Fast F=11.85 (p<0.001) - -
Cadence Normal F=5.60 (p=0.001) - -
  Fast F=4.05 (p=0.009) - -
SLS Normal F=2.43 (p=0.069) F=4.75 (p=0.032) F=8.37 (p<0.001)
  Fast F=1.41 (p=0.243) F=3.20 (p=0.077) F=13.62 (p<0.001)
DLS Normal F=2.50 (p=0.064) F=0.11 (p=0.744) F=0.73 (p=0.534)
  Fast F=1.87 (p=0.139) F=2.94 (p=0.089) F=0.34 (p=0.794)
Stance time Normal F=2.45 (p=0.068) F=7.66 (p=0.007) F=7.59 (p<0.001)
  Fast F=1.37 (p=0.255) F=4.88 (p=0.029) F=13.99 (p<0.001)
Step length Normal F=0.63 (p=0.595) F=8.28 (p=0.005) F=7.19 (p<0.001)
  Fast F=0.14 (p=0.937) F=4.98 (p=0.028) F=6.49 (p<0.001)
Step width Normal F=1.79 (p=0.153) F=2.41 (p=0.124) F=1.48 (p=0.226)
  Fast F=1.55 (p=0.207) F=0.32 (p=0.573) F=1.25 (p=0.297)
  1. SLS, Single-limb support; DLS, Double-limb support.