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Table 1 Focus group topic guide

From: Patient experiences, attitudes and expectations towards receiving information about anti-TNF medication – “It could give me two heads and I’d still try it!”

1 How did you feel about starting anti-TNF?
2 What information do you remember being given before starting anti-TNF?
3 How did you feel about the information you were given?
4 Did you do any of your own research around the time of starting the medication?
5 Was there any additional information that you would have liked to receive?
6 Were you aware of any additional tests/investigations that were carried out before starting anti-TNF?
7 When would you contact the nurse about your treatment?
8 What is your understanding about having vaccinations whilst on anti-TNF?
9 Were you given any information about any potential risks of commencing anti-TNF?
10 How did you feel about the potential risks associated with anti-TNF?
11 Were you given information about the reasons why you might have to stop your anti-TNF?
12 Are you aware of the various cancer screening programs in the UK?
13 Are you aware of the need to engage in cancer screening programs?
14 As we learn more about anti-TNF therapy it seems it might be sensible to screen patients for certain viruses such as hepatitis and HIV. How would you feel if you needed to be tested for these viruses?