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Table 6 Potential Covariates Considered for Multivariate Analyses of MSDs

From: The WISTAH hand study: A prospective cohort study of distal upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders

Demographic DUE MSDs other than
Gender Baseline prevalence
Handedness Lifetime cumulative
Currently smoking prevalence
Ever smoked Hobbies and Activities
Alcohol Aerobics
Marital status Bicycling
Family history of CTS (blood relatives) Running
Pregnancy Walking
Anthropometric Weightlifting
Body mass index Baseball
Past Medical History Basketball
Diabetes mellitus Football (American)
Gout Racquetball
High blood pressure Snow skiing
High cholesterol Tennis
Rheumatoid and other Water skiing
Inflammatory arthritis Car maintenance
Osteoarthrosis Motorcycling
Kidney failure Piano
Thyroid problem Remodeling
Wrist fracture Snow shoveling
Psychosocial Snowmobiling
General health compared to others Vibrating tools
Family problems Woodworking
Feelings of depression  
Feel mentally exhausted  
Feel physically exhausted  
Employer cares  
Get along with coworkers  
Job satisfaction  
Recommend job to others  
Supervisor appreciation  
Would take their job again