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Figure 1

From: Evaluation of radial distribution of cartilage degeneration and necessity of pre-contrast measurements using radial dGEMRIC in adults with acetabular dysplasia

Figure 1

Radial reconstruction of the T1 maps. By alignment of the axis perpendicular to the femoral head-neck from sagittal (A) and coronal (B) views on the 3D viewer, an oblique sagittal view plane (C) was obtained and 13 radial slices with an interval of 13.8° were generated in the center of the femoral head. For each radial sub-regional T1Gd assessment: 1, anterior; 2, anterosuperior; 3, superoanterior; 4, superior; 5, superoposterior; 6, posterosuperior and 7, posterior, 2 radial slices were included (D). ROI analysis was performed involving the acetabular and femoral cartilage from acetabular rim to acetabular fossa (E).

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