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Table 3 Outcome assessment timeline

From: Communication style and exercise compliance in physiotherapy (CONNECT). A cluster randomized controlled trial to test a theory-based intervention to increase chronic low back pain patients’ adherence to physiotherapists’ recommendations: study rationale, design, and methods

Variable Pre-randomization Baseline Pre-treatment Baseline Post-treatment Week1 Week4 Week12 Week24
Primary outcome measures        
Clinic-based adherence to physiotherapist’s recommendations    # # # #  
General adherence to physiotherapist‘s recommendations    
Specific adherence to back exercises and physical activity advice    
Physical Activity        
Self-reported physical activity    
Low Back Pain Symptoms        
Pain Intensity     
Pain-related Function        
Patient specific function     
Pain-related Well Being        
Quality of life     
Secondary Outcomes        
Autonomy support from physiotherapist    *     
Fear avoidance beliefs regarding physical activity     
Perceived competence regarding ability to follow physiotherapist’s recommendations    
Autonomous and controlled motivation to following physiotherapist’s recommendations    
Objectively measured physical activity    
Perception of recovery     
Moderating Variables        
Expectation of treatment *       
Patient depression        
Physiotherapist’s general causality orientations *       
Physiotherapist’s autonomous and controlled motivation for participation in training. *       
  1. Note:  = patient rated assessment. * = physiotherapist rated assessment. # = physiotherapist rating of patient behavior following each treatment session (most likely to occur during first 12 weeks following initial session).