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Table 1 Criteria for inclusion and exclusion

From: Non-surgical treatment of hip osteoarthritis. Hip school, with or without the addition of manual therapy, in comparison to a minimal control intervention: Protocol for a three-armed randomized clinical trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
- 40-80 years of age - Other conditions than hip OA appearing to be the cause of the patient's symptoms
- Unilateral hip pain > 3 months - Bilateral hip pain
- Radiographic measurement of joint space width < 2.00 mm or side difference > 10% - Indication for hip joint replacement surgery within the next 6 months
- Able to speak and read Danish - Previous hip or knee joint replacement surgery
  - Hip OA due to hip fracture or infection
  - Rating of worst hip pain during the last week as ≤ 2 on 11-box rating scale
  - Hip dysplasia, Center Edge angle < 25 and Acetabular index Angle > 10
  - Local knee pain originating from the knee on the same side as the hip OA
  - Low back pain dominating over the hip symptoms
  - Inflammatory joint disease
  - Cerebrovascular disease
  - Polyneuropathy or neuromuscular disease
  - Malignant disease
  - Refusal to participate