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Table 1 Study variables

From: Correlational analysis and predictive validity of psychological constructs related with pain in fibromyalgia

Instrument Assessment area Time(s) of assessments Applied by
Sociodemographic data form assistant Sex, age, marital status, educational level, occupation, income Baseline Research
Clinical variables Family & personal medical & psychiatric history,
length of the disorder, main symptoms, psychiatric comorbidity
Baseline Research
SPPI psychiatric interview [37] Psychiatric diagnosis Baseline Psychiatrist
Pain catastrophizing scale [31] Severity of catastrophizing Baseline Research
Pain acceptance scale [32] Acceptation of pain Baseline Research
Pain Self-Perception Scale (PSPS) [33] Mental defeat Baseline Research
Psychological Inflexibility in Pain Scale (PIPS) [34] Pain psychological inflexibility Baseline Research
Injustice Experience Questionnaire (IEQ) [19] Perceived injustice Baseline Research
Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) [21] Mindfulness Baseline Research
Positive & Negative Affect (PANAS) [36] Positive and Negative Affect Baseline Research
Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale (HADS) [40] Anxiety, depression Baseline Research
Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire [26] General function Baseline and follow-up Research
Pain Visual Analogue Scale (PVAS) [29] Pain Baseline and follow-up Research
Pain assessed by sphygmomanometer [30] Pain Baseline and follow-up Research