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Table 7 Factors associated with the course of performance-based limitations in activities in knee OA: results from the multivariate analysis*

From: Vitality and the course of limitations in activities in osteoarthritis of the hip or knee

  Prognostic factors entered into the model
  Model with body functions, comorbidity and cognitive functioning Model with body functions, comorbidity, cognitive functioning and psychological and social factors
R2 0.391 0.429
Significant prognostic factors in the model ↓   
Timed walking test t0 0.512‡ 0.465‡
Decreased muscle strength hip abduction at one-year follow-up -0.272‡ -0.214†
Morbidity Count 0.199† -0.150∫
Vitality   -0.229‡
  1. *standardized β's are presented; † p < 0.05; ‡ p < 0.01; ∫ p < 0.1
  2. OA: osteoarthritis; WOMAC: Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index; ROM: active assisted range of motion; R2: explained variance.