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Table 2 Summary of prognostic factors for worsening of performance-based limitations in activities; previous results [4]

From: Vitality and the course of limitations in activities in osteoarthritis of the hip or knee

  Factors associated with worsening of performance based limitations in activities*
Knee OA • Decreased muscle strength hip abduction at one-year follow-up
• Higher morbidity count
Hip OA • Higher ROM hip flexion
• Higher morbidity count; or the presence of moderate or more -to-severe cardiac and EENT disease
• Older age
  1. *In this table, all prognostic factors are included that were found to be significant in the multivariate regression analyses.
  2. OA: osteoarthritis; ROM: active assisted range of motion; EENT disease: ear-eye-nose-throat-larynx disease.