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Table 3 Descriptive data of questionnaires

From: Patient-Reported Outcome questionnaires for hip arthroscopy: a systematic review of the psychometric evidence

Question-naire Aim Measurement Dimensions Target Population Rating Scales Nr. Questions
MHHS Evaluative Measure pre/post-operative hip pain and function Pain, function, functional activities Hip arthroscopy patients 2 8
NAHS Evaluative Measure pre/post-operative hip pain and function Functional activities, pain, symptoms, sports 20 - 40 year old patients with hip pain and without radiographic diagnosis 1 24
HOS Evaluative Measure outcome treatment intervention Functional activities, sports Subjects with acetabular labral tears with function of wide range of ability 2 26
  1. MHHS = Modified Harris Hip Score. NAHS = Nonarthritic Hip Score. HOS = Hip Outcome Score. Measurement dimensions = as stated in questionnaire. Target Population = as described by authors designing questionnaires.