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Table 1 Symptoms due to loss of funtion, when damage is severe and there is total disruption of nerve conduction. Symptoms due to irritation, when the lesion is less severe or nerve conduction is not totally disrupted.

From: Malformations of the craniocervical junction (chiari type I and syringomyelia: classification, diagnosis and treatment)

Symptoms due to loss funtion Symptoms due to irritation
Motor symptoms
Paresis Paralysis Myoclonia Fasciculations Spasticity
Sensory symptoms
Hypoaesthesia Hypoalgesia Anosmia Amaurosis Deafness Vasodilations Hypo/anhydrosis Loss of pilorection Paraesthesia Dysaesthesia Allodynia Hyperalgesia Pain Photopsia Tinnitus Vasoconstriction Hyperhyrosis Pilorection
Autonomic symptoms