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Table 2 Neurological examination

From: Effectiveness of percutaneous laser disc decompression versus conventional open discectomy in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation; design of a prospective randomized controlled trial

*Straight leg raising test (Lasègue)
*Crossed straight leg raising test (Crossed Lasègue)
*Sensory loss
*Dermatome anesthesia
*Muscle weakness
*Knee tendon reflex difference
*Ankle tendon reflex difference
*Finger-ground distance in centimeter
  1. Lasègue's sign is defined positive if the patient experiences a typically dermatomal area of pain reproduction and pelvic muscle resistance below a unilateral 60 degrees angle provocative straight leg raising. 'Crossed positive' if the same experience was noted with straight raising of the contralateral leg below 90 degrees.