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Table 1 Effect of 2ME2 on Quantitative Histomorphometry Parameters

From: Disease modifying and antiangiogenic activity of 2-Methoxyestradiol in a murine model of rheumatoid arthritis

Treatment Group Total Osteoclast Numbers Articular cartilage area without proteoglycan staining (%) Damaged articular cartilage surface (%) Thickness of total articular cartilage area (μM)
Vehicle Control 33.9 17.23 47.3 26.06
2ME2 100 mg/kg 0 0.18* 0* 32.64*
2ME2 10 mg/kg 5.7* 6.71 27.9 27.34
2ME2 1 mg/kg 21.9* 11.21 37.0 27.5
  1. Quantitative histomorphometry was performed using Ostemeasure software interfaced with a Nikon Eclipse E400 light/epiflourescent microscope and video system. Histomorphometric measurements of the articular area and surface were performed using Safranin O stained slides and osteoclast number was counted using acid phosphatase/toluidine blue stained slides using blinded samples. The area of interest included the area from the talus-navicular joint to the navicular to the second metatarsal joint. Results are presented as mean determinations from 10 observations (*p < 0.05 compared to vehicle control).