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Table 6 Categorisation of all symptoms included in the questionnaires.

From: How well do questionnaires on symptoms in neck-shoulder disorders capture the experiences of those who suffer from neck-shoulder disorders? A content analysis of questionnaires and interviews

Engagement Body region Symptom Correspondence* Questionnaire
Bodily Neck only Pain X BQ, NDI, NPDS, NPQ, PFM, PSFS
  Neck-shoulder Pain X CNPQ, CSOQ, EABPS, SNQ
  Other neck symptoms Stiffness 1 NPDS, PFM
   Tension, cracking, tiredness, weakness, locking 2–6 PFM
  Rest of the body Symptoms in arm/hand 7 CNPQ, CSOQ, EABPS, NPQ, PFM, SNQ
   Headache 8 CSOQ, EABPS, NDI
   Jaw trouble 9 PFM
   Difficulty swallowing 10 CSOQ, PFM
   Difficulty breathing - PFM
  General Sleeping difficulties - CSOQ, EABPS, NDI, NPDS, NPQ, PFM
   Feeling low in energy/sluggish 11 CSOQ
   Dizziness or balance disturbance 12 PFM
   Feeling sickly/unwell/indisposed 13 CSOQ, PFM
Mental/Cognitive   Difficulty concentrating/thinking clearly 14 BQ, NDI, NPDS, PFM
   Sensitivity to light/sound 15 PFM
Emotional   Affected emotions x NPDS
   Depression, hopelessness 16 BQ, CSOQ, NPDS, PFM
   Anxiety, tenseness - BQ, CSOQ, PFM
   Irritability, short temper 17 BQ, PFM
   Worry about physical health - CNPQ, CSOQ
  1. * See corresponding numbers in table 2 to compare with symptoms expressed by the interviewees. (x denotes unspecified symptoms which are present in both table 2 and 6, -denotes symptoms not expressed by the interviewees).