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  1. Research article

    Association of vertebral compression fractures with physical performance measures among community-dwelling Japanese women aged 40 years and older

    Numerous reported studies have shown that vertebral compression fractures are associated with impaired function or disability; however, few examined their association with objective measures of physical perfor...

    Kazuhiko Arima, Yasuyo Abe, Takayuki Nishimura, Takuhiro Okabe, Yoshihito Tomita, Satoshi Mizukami, Mitsuo Kanagae and Kiyoshi Aoyagi

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:176

    Published on: 28 April 2017

  2. Research article

    Influence of subject discontinuation on long-term nonvertebral fracture rate in the denosumab FREEDOM Extension study

    Denosumab treatment for up to 8 years in the FREEDOM study and Extension was associated with low fracture incidence. It was not clear whether subjects who discontinued during the study conduct had a higher ris...

    Jonathan D. Adachi, Henry G. Bone, Nadia S. Daizadeh, Paula Dakin, Socrates Papapoulos, Peyman Hadji, Chris Recknor, Michael A. Bolognese, Andrea Wang, Celia J. F. Lin, Rachel B. Wagman and Serge Ferrari

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:174

    Published on: 27 April 2017

  3. Research article

    Early surgery with antibiotics treatment had better clinical outcomes than antibiotics treatment alone in patients with pyogenic spondylodiscitis: a retrospective cohort study

    Pyogenic spondylodiscitis is a form of spinal infection that can result in severe back pain and even death. However, information is lacking on the relative effectiveness of various therapies. A retrospective c...

    Tsung-Ting Tsai, Shih-Chieh Yang, Chi-Chien Niu, Po-Liang Lai, Ming-Hsun Lee, Lih-Huei Chen and Wen-Jer Chen

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:175

    Published on: 27 April 2017

  4. Research article

    Return to sports after plate fixation of humeral head fractures 65 cases with minimum 24-month follow-up

    Humeral head fractures requiring surgical intervention are severe injuries, which might affect the return to sports and daily activities. We hypothesize that athletic patients will be constrained regarding the...

    Philipp Ahrens, Frank Martetschläger, Sebastian Siebenlist, Johann Attenberger, Moritz Crönlein, Peter Biberthaler, Ulrich Stöckle and Gunther H. Sandmann

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:173

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  5. Study protocol

    The clinical and cost-effectiveness of stratified care for patients with sciatica: the SCOPiC randomised controlled trial protocol (ISRCTN75449581)

    Sciatica has a substantial impact on patients, and is associated with high healthcare and societal costs. Although there is variation in the clinical management of sciatica, the current model of care usually i...

    Nadine E. Foster, Kika Konstantinou, Martyn Lewis, Reuben Ogollah, Kate M. Dunn, Danielle van der Windt, Ruth Beardmore, Majid Artus, Bernadette Bartlam, Jonathan C. Hill, Sue Jowett, Jesse Kigozi, Christian Mallen, Benjamin Saunders and Elaine M. Hay

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:172

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  6. Research article

    Intermittent parathyroid hormone improve bone microarchitecture of the mandible and femoral head in ovariectomized rats

    Intermittent parathyroid hormone (PTH) can be used to treat osteoporosis of the spine and hip. However, whether it can be used to treat osteoporosis of the mandible is unclear. The purpose of this study was to...

    Ying-Ju Chen, Shun-Ping Wang, Fu-Chou Cheng, Pei-Yu Hsu, Yu-Fen Li, Jay Wu, Heng-Li Huang, Ming-Tzu Tsai and Jui-Ting Hsu

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:171

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  7. Case report

    Sacroiliitis mimics: a case report and review of the literature

    Radiographic sacroiliitis is the hallmark of ankylosing spondylitis (AS), and detection of acute sacroiliitis is pivotal for early diagnosis of AS. Although radiographic sacroiliitis is a distinguishing featur...

    Maria J. Antonelli and Marina Magrey

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:170

    Published on: 22 April 2017

  8. Research article

    Is the effectiveness of patellofemoral bracing modified by patellofemoral alignment and trochlear morphology?

    This study was performed to determine if the effectiveness of patellofemoral bracing as a treatment for patellofemoral osteoarthritis is influenced by patellofemoral joint alignment and trochlear morphology. W...

    Xi Zhang, Jillian P. Eyles, Joanna Makovey, Matthew J. Williams and David J. Hunter

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:168

    Published on: 21 April 2017

  9. Research article

    More complications in uncemented compared to cemented hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fractures: a randomized controlled trial of 201 patients, with one year follow-up

    It is unclear whether cemented or uncemented hemiarthroplasty is the best treatment option in elderly patients with displaced femoral neck fractures. Previous randomized trials comparing cemented and uncemente...

    Sophie Moerman, Nina M. C. Mathijssen, Dieu D. Niesten, Roeland Riedijk, Willard J. Rijnberg, Sander Koëter, Keetie Kremers van de Hei, Wim E. Tuinebreier, Tim L. Molenaar, Rob G. H. H. Nelissen and Anne J. H. Vochteloo

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:169

    Published on: 21 April 2017

  10. Research article

    Differences between native and prosthetic knees in terms of cross-sectional morphology of the femoral trochlea: a study based on three-dimensional models and virtual total knee arthroplasty

    The cross-sectional morphology of the prosthetic knee is crucial to understanding patellar motion and quadriceps strength after total knee arthroplasty. However, few comparative evaluations of the cross-sectio...

    Zhe Du, Shichang Chen, Mengning Yan, Bing Yue and You Wang

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:166

    Published on: 20 April 2017

  11. Research article

    Correlation between intervertebral disc degeneration, paraspinal muscle atrophy, and lumbar facet joints degeneration in patients with lumbar disc herniation

    To assess the correlation between lumbar disc degeneration (LDD), multifidus muscle atrophy (LMA), and facet joints degeneration in patients with L4-L5 lumbar disc herniation (LDH).

    Dong Sun, Peng Liu, Jie Cheng, Zikun Ma, Jingpei Liu and Tingzheng Qin

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:167

    Published on: 20 April 2017

  12. Research article

    Association between the ossific nucleus and osteonecrosis in treating developmental dysplasia of the Hip: updated meta-analysis

    A meta-analysis concluded that there was no effect of the femoral head ossification and the incidence of osteonecrosis in the treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), unless only osteonecrosis gr...

    Rafal Niziol, Michael Elvey, Evangelia Protopapa and Andreas Roposch

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:165

    Published on: 20 April 2017

  13. Research article

    Operative versus conservative treatment of apophyseal avulsion fractures of the pelvis in the adolescents: a systematical review with meta-analysis of clinical outcome and return to sports

    Avulsion fractures of the pelvic apophyses typically occur in adolescent athletes due to a sudden strong muscle contraction while growth plates are still open. The main goals of this systematic review with met...

    H. Eberbach, L. Hohloch, M.J. Feucht, L. Konstantinidis, N.P. Südkamp and J. Zwingmann

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:162

    Published on: 19 April 2017

  14. Research article

    Silent progression in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: is DAS28 remission an insufficient goal in RA? Results from the German Remission-plus cohort

    Remission is arguably the ultimate therapeutic goal in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Applying modern strategies, clinical remission can be achieved in a substantial number of patients with early RA (ERA). Even in...

    Philipp Sewerin, Stefan Vordenbaeumen, Annika Hoyer, Ralph Brinks, Christian Buchbender, Falk Miese, Christoph Schleich, Sabine Klein, Matthias Schneider and Benedikt Ostendorf

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:163

    Published on: 19 April 2017

  15. Research article

    The effects of bending speed on the lumbo-pelvic kinematics and movement pattern during forward bending in people with and without low back pain

    Impaired lumbo-pelvic movement in people with low back pain during bending task has been reported previously. However, the regional mobility and the pattern of the lumbo-pelvic movement were found to vary acro...

    Sharon M. H. Tsang, Grace P. Y. Szeto, Linda M. K. Li, Dim C. M. Wong, Millie M. P. Yip and Raymond Y. W. Lee

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:157

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  16. Research article

    Specific or general exercise strategy for subacromial impingement syndrome–does it matter? A systematic literature review and meta analysis

    Exercise is frequently suggested as a treatment option for patients presenting with symptoms of subacromial impingement syndrome. Some would argue implementing a specific exercise strategy with special focus o...

    Alison R. Shire, Thor A. B. Stæhr, Jesper B. Overby, Mathias Bastholm Dahl, Julie Sandell Jacobsen and David Høyrup Christiansen

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:158

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  17. Research article

    Incidence of infection following internal fixation of open and closed tibia fractures in India (INFINITI): a multi-centre observational cohort study

    Trauma is a major public health problem, particularly in India due to the country’s rapid urbanization. Tibia fractures are a common and often complicated injury that is at risk of infection following surgical...

    Prakash Doshi, Hitesh Gopalan, Sheila Sprague, Chetan Pradhan, Sunil Kulkarni and Mohit Bhandari

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:156

    Published on: 14 April 2017

  18. Technical advance

    Gait characterization in golden retriever muscular dystrophy dogs using linear discriminant analysis

    Accelerometric analysis of gait abnormalities in golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD) dogs is of limited sensitivity, and produces highly complex data. The use of discriminant analysis may enable simpler...

    Bodvaël Fraysse, Inès Barthélémy, El Mostafa Qannari, Karl Rouger, Chantal Thorin, Stéphane Blot, Caroline Le Guiner, Yan Chérel and Jean-Yves Hogrel

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:153

    Published on: 12 April 2017

  19. Research article

    Managing uncertainty - a qualitative study of surgeons’ decision-making for one-stage and two-stage revision surgery for prosthetic hip joint infection

    Approximately 88,000 primary hip replacements are performed in England and Wales each year. Around 1% go on to develop deep prosthetic joint infection. Between one-stage and two-stage revision arthroplasty bes...

    Andrew J. Moore, Ashley W. Blom, Michael R. Whitehouse and Rachael Gooberman-Hill

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:154

    Published on: 12 April 2017

  20. Case report

    Discography aids definitive diagnosis of posterior epidural migration of lumbar disc fragments: case report and literature review

    Posterior epidural migration of lumbar disc fragments (PEMLDF) is extremely rare. It is often confused with other posterior lesions and is usually diagnosed intraoperatively. We here describe the use of preope...

    Morito Takano, Tomohiro Hikata, Soraya Nishimura and Michihiro Kamata

    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2017 18:151

    Published on: 11 April 2017

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