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Table 3 Codes and themes of free-text responsesa with condensed example statements

From: Organisation, influence, and impact of patient advisory boards in rehabilitation institutions—an explorative cross-sectional study

Code Frequency of codes Theme Examples using condensed meaning units
   Barriers to PEb  
Screening of information 2   “It appears that some information is adapted before made available to everyone.”
Unclear PAB tasks 1   “Unclear PAB mandate and role.”
Inaccessible information 3   “Reports from PAB should be open to all PAB representatives.”
Exclusion of PABc in institutional activities 13   “Pronounced use of hard-to-understand language.”
“Leader of PAB does not have voting rights.”
“Documents only available to employees.”
Resources dedicated to PE 2   “No resources are set aside for PAB education.”
Covid 19 5   “Not allowed to physically access the institution.”
Total codesd 26   
   Facilitating PE  
Inclusion of PAB in institutional activities 4   “Mostly quite open and clear dissemination.”
“In some cases, it has been useful when employees have initiated PAB inclusion.”
Available information 2   “Reports are made available from PAB meetings.”
Covid 19 1   “Everything worked well and digital meetings have been arranged.”
Independence of PAB 1   “PAB has developed its guidelines and helped draw up ethical guidelines.”
Total Codes 8   
  1. aFree-text answers (N = 30): Q11: practices and policies (n = 5), Q21 participatory culture (n = 7), Q28 Influence and impact (n = 8), Q 31 collaboration and common purpose (n = 3), Q 35 Final thoughts (n = 7)
  2. bPE patient engagement
  3. cPAB Patient advisory board
  4. dTotal codes related to a theme are presented in bold