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Table 1 – Search strategy

From: Hip abductor strengthening in patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis – a systematic review and meta-analysis

*Knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritides

Osteoarthritis of knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee

*Hip abductor training

Hip abductor resistance training

Hip abductor strengthening

Hip abductor strength training

Hip abductor strengthening program

Hip abductor exercise program

Hip abductor weight-bearing strengthening program

Hip abductor weight-bearing exercises

  1. ((Hip abductor training) OR (hip abductor resistance training)) OR (hip abductor strengthening)) OR (Hip abductor strength training)) OR (Hip abductor strengthening program)) OR (Hip abductor exercise program)) OR (Hip abductor weight bearing strengthening program)) OR (hip abductor weight-bearing strengthening programs)) OR (hip abductor weight-bearing exercises)) AND ((((knee osteoarthritides) OR (knee osteoarthritis)) OR (osteoarthritis of knee)) OR (osteoarthritis of the knee))