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Table 3 The differences between the initial and final visits in the ratios and the angles according to patient age, the C2 plumb line distance, the regional location of VBB of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines, the etiology of VBB, and the treatment methods of the fractures (p-value)

From: The progression of the vertebral body bruise associated with a spinal fracture

  Age C2 plumb line distance Regional location of VBB Etiology
of VBB
Treatment methods of the fractures
AP ratio 0.624 0.252 0.685 0.501 0.544
Ratio to adjacent spines 0.690 0.339 0.315 0.674 0.281
Wedge angle 0.906 0.139 0.948 0.344 0.646
Focal angle 0.164 0.064 0.189 0.914 0.674