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Table 2 Results of the simple meta-regressions for the behaviour measures in the posttest, taking continuous moderator variables as predictors

From: Effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions for back care and the prevention of non-specific low back pain in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Predictor variable k b j CI.LL CI.UL F p
Number of weeks of treatment 7 -0.000 -0.223 0.222 0.000 0.996
Time of treatment per week (intensity) 7 0.913 -0.015 1.841 6.400 0.052
Total time of treatment (magnitude) 8 0.068 -0.076 0.212 1.341 0.291
Total posttest sample size 9 -0.000 -0.005 0.004 0.150 0.710
  1. k number of studies, bjregression coefficient of each predictor, CI.LL confidence interval of lower limit, CI.UL confidence interval of upper limit, F Knapp-Hartung’s statistic for testing the significance of the predictor (the degrees of freedom for this statistic are 1 for the numerator and k – 2 for the denominator) p probability level for the F statistic