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Table 3 Summary of literatures on perfecting orthogonality of radiographs

From: Staged correction trajectory with hexapod external fixator for the satisfactory reduction of long bone shaft fracture

Method Title Author
Markers Intraoperative measurement of mounting parameters for the Taylor Spatial Frame Gantsoudes et al. [15]
Rotation rod Improving the accuracy of patient positioning for long-leg radiographs using a Taylor Spatial Frame mounted rotation rod Ahrend et al. [28]
Guide frame A guide frame for the Taylor Spatial Frame Kanellopoulos et al. [24]
Spirit level A frame-mounted X-ray guide for the Taylor Spatial Frame Deakin DE et al. [25]
Silhouette technique The silhouette technique: improving post-operative radiographs for planning of correction with a hexapod external fixator Wright et al. [27]
Guideline Improving radiographic imaging for circular frames: the Cambridge experience. Al-Uzri et al. [29]
Additional foot ring Improving postoperative radiographs for the parameter measurement of hexapod external fixator using an additional foot ring Liu et al. [30]