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Table 1 Properties of GripAble and Jamar+ . Figures reprinted from Performance Health Sammons Preston users’ guide

From: Modernising grip dynamometry: Inter-instrument reliability between GripAble and Jamar

Properties GripAble Jamar PLUS+ Digital
Weight (g) 240 490
Front-to-back depth (mm) 48 (isometric mode) 49 (position 2)
Side-to-side width (mm) 40 25
Circumference (mm) 141 (isometric mode) 128 (position 2)
Measurement units kg or lbs kg or lbs
Measuring modes Elastic and isometric Isometric only
Increments of measurement unit (kg) 0.1 (0—90) 0.1 (0—90)
Readings (digital/non digital) Digital with mobile app integration Digital readout
Calculations Maximum value, mean, standard deviation, left–right ratio Mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation
Data tracking/recording Automatic through mobile app Not available/manual