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Table 1 Overview of the anti-inflammatory diet interventiona

From: An anti-inflammatory diet intervention for knee osteoarthritis: a feasibility study

Name Anti-inflammatory diet intervention
What Education and discussion 1-to-1 supplemented with a study booklet of examples of foods to consume and recipes
Who provides Accredited Practising Dietitian or researchers (trained by dietitian to deliver the intervention).
How 1-to-1 telehealth sessions via Zoom or telephone consult (when video teleconferencing was not available for follow-up appointments). All baseline appointments were delivered by telehealth videoconferencing.
Where Remotely conducted telehealth sessions by researchers in Melbourne to participants throughout Australia.
When & how much Telehealth 1-to-1 sessions: baseline, 3- and 6-week follow-up.
Baseline: 45–90 min. Follow-ups: 10–15 min.
Tailoring • Dietary education provided including list of acceptable food groups and possible adverse outcomes.
• Standardised meal plan and shopping list provided, however, encouraged acceptable modifications to suit individual lifestyle and palate.
• Individualised feedback and education provided at each follow-up after assessment of most recent 3-day food diary.
• Individualised education provided at each follow-up for participants who had specific questions regarding their food intake and acceptable foods.
How well Attendance at telehealth sessions recorded by the intervention dietitian or trained researcher.
Self-reported dietary adherence recorded on a 5-point Likert scale (ranging from never adherent to adherent every day).
  1. aDescribed according to the Template for Intervention Description and Replication [34]