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Table 1 Patient demographics

From: Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis with antibiotic-impregnated polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) – the Cierny approach: is the second stage necessary?

Patient Age at surg. (yrs)
Cirny-Madar Stage Bone Segment:
Etiology of Infection Microorganism Duration of infection
Recurrent infection
ACS Type F-U (yrs)
1 M/46 3A Tibia R - DM Open # NC 25 No Cement block 14
2 M/47 3B (Diabetes) Femur Lt - DM Open # - MVA SA 18 No I.M Rod + beads 14
3 M/15 3A Tibia Rt PM Open # MVA PA 1 no Beeds 16
4 F/67 3B (Diabetes) Tibia Rt DM Pin tract OM following deformity correction SA 8 no Cement block 10
5 M/13 1B (MMC) Tibia Rt D deformity correctio Int. Fix. Plating. NU SA 0.5 no Cement rods 7
6 M/71 3B (Diabetes) Tibia Rt PM Pin tract OM. # tibial Plataou. Ilizarov EF SA 1 no Cement block 1.5
7 M/65 3B (Diabetes) Tibia Rt DM # Open Pilon NC 3 No Cement Block 3
8 M/44 3A Femur Rt DM # Gun shot. EF → Plating NC 2 No Cement I. M Nail 2
9 F/59 3B (U.C) Tibia Rt D Abscess → Bacteremia SM 0.5 No Two Cement Rods 7
10 M/54 1A Femur Rt D Septic Knee → bacteremia SA 1 No Cemet I. M Nail 4
11 M/67 3B (CA of Colon) Tibia Rt PM ORIF for NU (s/p HTO for MU post opened #) NC 5 NO Cement Block 5.5
12 M/22 3A Humerus Lt PM # Per cutaneous Kirshner wires OM SA 3 No Cement Block 3
13 M/65 3A Ankle Rt # Open Pilon→ Ankle fusion (IM nailing) PA 1 No Cemented Ilizarov Rod 2.5
14 M/56 4A Fibula LT D # Conservative treatment SA 5 No Cement Rod 2
15 M/21 3A Humerus Rt D # Open Fracture (ORIF) PR 3 No Cement Block 1.5
16 F/64 3A Femur Rt D s/p Varus Osteotomy - Plating SA 0.5 No Cement Block 7
  1. M male, F female, UC ulcerative colitis, CA cancer, PM proximal metaphysis, D diaphysis, DM distal metaphysis, MVA motor vheicle accident, OM osteomyelitis, MMC myelomeningocele, EF external fixation, I. M intramedullary, ORIF open reduction and external fixation, NU nonunion, MU malunion, HTO high tibial osteotomy, SA Staphylococcus Aureus, PA Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, SM Serratia Marcescens, PR Provedencia Rettgeri, NC not cultured