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Table 1 The definition of classification and number of patients classified in each category using intra-operative findings

From: The accuracy of MRI in diagnosing and classifying acute traumatic multiple ligament knee injuries

Grade Definition Number of patients
KD-I Two ligaments ruptured, one cruciate ligament and one collateral ligament, ACL/PCL + MCL/LCL/PLC 20
KD-II Two ligaments ruptured, both cruciate ligaments, ACL + PCL 4
KD-III Three ligaments ruptured, both cruciate ligaments, and one collateral ligament, ACL + PCL + MCL (KD-IIIM), ACL + PCL + LCL/PLC (KD-IIIL) 52
KD-IV Both two cruciate ligaments and two collateral ligaments ruptured, ACL + PCL + MCL + LCL/PLC 0
KD-V Any KD classifications that were accompanied by periarticular fractures or knee dislocations 21