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Table 4 Reliability outcomes of the Persian JRPD questionnaire at a 95% confidence interval (N = 198)

From: Job requirements and physical demands (JRPD) questionnaire: cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric evaluation in Iranian Army personnel with chronic low back pain

Items Mean (SD) *Sig Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient ICC 3,1 (upper band–lower band) SEM MDC
38 56 (17.02) < 0.001 0.91 0.80 (0.73–0.84) 7.91 21.32
  1. Abbreviations: JRPD job requirements and physical demands, SD standard deviation, Sig significance, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, SEM standard error measurement, MDC minimal detectable change. Bolded value presents significant difference (*p < 0.05)