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Table 1 Characteristics of patients and healthy samples elected from the RNA-seq dataset

From: Dysregulation of ribosome-related genes in ankylosing spondylitis: a systems biology approach and experimental method

AS Health
Samples Gender Age Download_Link Samples Gender Age Download_Link
GSM3308485 Female 28 GSM3308520 Female 29
GSM3308486 Female 47 GSM3308447 Female 47
GSM3308475 Female 33 GSM3308522 Female 32
GSM3308483 Female 41 GSM3308518 Female 41
GSM3308488 Male 45 GSM3308530 Male 57
GSM3308489 Male 35 GSM3308519 Male 38
GSM3308515 Male 32 GSM3308537 Male 31
GSM3308516 Male 48 GSM3308541 Male 59