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Table 1 The inclusion and exclusion criteria adopted for selecting the 98 enrolled patients [8]

From: Randomised, double-blind comparison of a fixed co-formulation of intra-articular polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid versus hyaluronic acid alone in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: two-year follow-up

Inclusion criteria
 Individuals of both genders aged between 50 and 75 with knee osteoarthritis according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria
 At least five-year schooling to be able to give written informed consent properly
 Kellgren-Lawrence (KL) knee OA severity grade: between 1 and 4 [ 9]
 Current pain that has persisted for at least two months
 Body Mass Index (BMI) at screening ≤40 kg/m [2]
Exclusion criteria
 Abuse of alcohol or drugs
 Pregnancy or breastfeeding
 Patients who underwent repeated infiltrative therapies suspended from less than three months
 Ongoing treatment with systemic anticoagulants or steroids, or therapy suspended for less than one month
 Hypersensitivity to the study products, previous bone fractures, severe knee trauma, joint deformities, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory diseases of joints, other current severe diseases, previous surgical procedures (e.g., meniscectomy, scope debridement)
 Haematological diseases or local skin lesions in the site of treatment inoculation