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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Perceptions, beliefs, and needs of Japanese people with knee osteoarthritis during conservative care: a qualitative study

 Please tell us if you remember the first time you noticed the symptom (or pain).
 How did you feel when you were diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis?
 What are your thoughts on your current symptoms (or pain)?
 Do you think this symptom (or pain) will remain in the future? Why do you think so?
 What was the most important (or first) physical concern when you were diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis?
 How is your knee condition now?
 Do you want to reduce pain further with surgery?
 Have you ever been happy with the pain?
 Is there any difference between pain in other areas and knee pain?
 What was the most important (or first) concern in your life when you were diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis?
 How has knee osteoarthritis affected your daily life?
 Are you doing anything to mitigate those effects?
 What do or did you know about knee osteoarthritis?
 Where and how did you collect information on how to deal with illness and pain?
 What kind of information has been useful so far?
 What kind of information did you want at the time of your first visit (or onset)?
 What kind of information do you want now?
 What kind of services do you currently receive (hospitals, outpatients)?
 What kind of service are you looking for?
 With whom do you talk about your current symptoms (pain, etc.)?
 How do you explain your symptoms to others?
 Do you keep a record of your illness? Why?
 If you could go back in time and do something differently to prevent or manage knee OA, what would it be?
 Do you have any other experience or feelings on this subject that you would like to talk about?