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Table 3 Parameters results

From: Modified F configuration in the treatment of Pauwels type III femoral neck fracture: a finite element analysis

Parameters a b c d
The maximum displacement of the femur (mm) 10.083 8.4508 7.4735 7.9151
The maximum displacement of the internal fixation (mm) 9.3238 7.9314 7.069 7.4591
Maximum femur stress (MPa) 170.12 182.4 153.34 161.94
Internal fixation maximum stress (MPa) 382.14 244.02 221.67 213.86
The maximum crack distances of the fracture surfaces (mm) 2.4625 1.5006 0.793 1.278
The maximum displacement of Z axis (mm) 2.7148 2.6109 2.3791 2.4071
  1. a: the traditional inverted triangular cannulated screw model, b: the F-technique cannulated screw model, c: the modified F-technique cannulated screw model using a fully threaded screw instead of a partially threaded distally, d: the dynamic hip screw coupled with anti-rotational screw