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Table 1 Study procedures and distribution of the different outcomes in the follow-up schedule

From: Design and rationale of the ATtune Knee Outcome Study (ATKOS): multicenter prospective evaluation of a novel uncemented rotating platform knee system

  Preoperative 6 months 1 year 5 years 10 years
Patient reported outcome measures X X X X X
Return to sports and physical function
 Tegner / UCLA activity scale X   X   
 Performance based measurements X   X   
Return to work    X   
Radiographic analysis
 Radiolucent lines   X X X X
 Alignment X   X   
Psychologic factors X   X X X
  1. N.B. Patients are routinely seen at the 6 week follow-up mark in some of the participating centres, no study parameters are registered at this visit