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Table 1 Study assessments at specific time points

From: Effectiveness of a coordinated support system linking public hospitals to a health coaching service compared with usual care at discharge for patients with chronic low back pain: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Enrolment Baseline Assessment Allocation Follow-up Data Collectiona
TIMEPOINT* Week − 4 to − 1 Week 0 Week 0 Fortnightly* 6 months 12 months
Informed consent X      
Eligibility screen X      
Allocation    X    
Support system    X  X  X  
Usual care only    X    
Use of hospital, medical, and health services for LBP   X   X X X
Self-reported physical activity levels   X    X X
Objective physical activity levels   X    X  
Physical Function   X    X X
Pain intensity   X   X X X
Disability   X    X X
Quality of life   X    X X
Self-management behaviours   X   X X X
Medication use   X   X X X
Sleep quality   X    X X
Attitudes regarding use of pain medications   X    X X
Beliefs about back pain   X    X X
  1. a From baseline assessment (week 0)