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Table 2 Characteristics of the six chairs used: special attributes, sitting area and height of sitting position

From: Influence of design of dentist’s chairs on body posture for dentists with different working experience

Chair Abbreviation Special attributes/
Sitting area Height of sitting position (knee ankle) Company, chair name
Chair 1 Sib no backrest disc-shaped, horizontal height adjustable Sirona, CARL
Chair 2 Sal no backrest saddle-shaped, two parts mutually adjustable, adjustable inclination height adjustable
manufacturer information:
135° knee angle
Salli, Saddle chair
Chair 3 Sio backrest removed ventrally inclined, flexible in the front part height adjustable Sirona, Hugo Freehand
Chair 4 Sw no backrest hemispherical, resilient, flexible height adjustable weight adjustable, spring tension adjustable, lateral deflection adjustable Aeris, Swopper
Chair 5 Kg backrest removed ventrally inclined, central elevation height adjustable KaVo, Physioform 5005
Chair 6 Kb backrest removed ventral inclination to max. 15°, central elevation height adjustable KaVo, Evo