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Table 1 The demographic details of the patients

From: Cementless total hip arthroplasty for failed treatment of subtrochanteric fracture

Variable Value
Male/Female 11/7
Age at time of fracture (years) 72 (range 57.0–86.0)
Age at THA (years) 74 (range 57.0–89.0)
ASA score 1.8 (range 1–3)
Body mass index (kg/m2) 23.2 (range 14.6–30.6)
Average follow-up (years) 5.2 (range 2.2–10.8)
Average time to the salvage THA (months) 19.8 (range 4.7–53.8)
 Nonunion 18
  Cutting out / Metal breakage 1 / 8
Fixation Used
 Intramedullary nail 8
 Plate device 10
  DHS 6
  Angled blade plates 2
  PF-LCP 1
  DCP 1
Frequency of operation before THA
 1/2/3/4 4/12/1/1
  1. Date in gender column, indication, fixation, and frequency of operation columns represent the total number of patients. Data in other columns show an average of the patients within that group. THA is total hip arthroplasty. ASA is the American Society of Anesthesiologists. DHS is dynamic hip screw. PF-LCP is proximal femur locking compression plates. DCP is dynamic compression plate