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Table 2 Mean values of pain intensity (NPRS), upper extremity dysfunction questionnaire (QuickDASH-Br), Work Ability Index (WAI) and upper extremity fatigue resistance Functional Impairment Test-Hand, and Neck/Shoulder/Arm (FIT-HaNSA)

From: Association between muscle strength, upper extremity fatigue resistance, work ability and upper extremity dysfunction in a sample of workers at a tertiary hospital

  Mean SD (Min-Max)
NPRS 3.0 2.2 (0–7)
QuickDASH-Br 30.3 21.3 (0–61.4)
FIT-HaNSA 149.4 62.8 (43.75–266.6)
WAI 36.3 5.5 (23–46)
  1. SD Standard Deviation
  2. FIT-HaNSA Average time in seconds for the three tasks
  3. NPRS Average pain intensity classified as mild
  4. WAI Overall average work capacity classified as moderate