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Table 1 Demographic data, deformity characteristics and surgery details in two ipsilateral hemivertebrae in thracolumbar region

From: Long-term results after the one-stage posterior-only surgical correction of thoraco-lumbar kyphoscoliosis in congenital spine deformity caused by two ipsilateral hemi-vertebrae

Cases Sex Age HV location Side Segmentation Associated congenital deformity Fixation type ACR Operative Fusion level Follow-up (month)
1 F 3 T10,12 L FS 10-11th fused rib Unilateral No T10,12 HVR T10-L2 60
2 F 4 T10,12 R SS 9th bifid rib Bilateral No T12 HVR,T10 partial resection T8-L2 69
3 M 8 T10,11 L SS FS:T10–12; SCM; 10-11th fused rib Unilateral No T10,11 HVR T7-L1 95
4 F 8 T6,11,L1 R FS Unilateral No T11,L1
T10-L2 84
5 F 7 T11,Ll,L4 R FS Unilateral No T11.L1 HVR T10-L2 67
6 M 9 T11,12 L FS Bilateral Yes T12 HVR T10-L2 61
7 M 11 L1/2,L2 L SS T1–3 vertebra bloc; FS:L1–3 Bilateral Yes L1/2 HVR
L2 partial resection
T12-L4 103
8 M 13 T11,L1/2 L FS Bilateral No T11, L1/2
T11-L4 69
9 M 14 T11,12 L SS FS:T10–12 Bilateral No T11 HVR T7-L3 103
10 F 15 T8/9,10,L1 L SS FS:T8-L2
Klipple-Feil syndrome
Bilateral No T8/9,10,L1HVR T8-L5 61
11 F 15 T12,L1 R SS FS:T11-L2 Bilateral Yes T12 HVR T9-L3 117
12 M 17 T11,12 L SS FS:T11-L1 Bilateral Yes T11,12 HVR T7-L4 68
13 F 17 T12,L1 R FS Bilateral Yes L1 HVR; T12 partial resection T10-L4 99
14 M 15 T11,12 R SS FS:T10-L1;
L3–4 vertebra bloc;
Goldenhar syndrome
Bilateral Yes T11,12 HVR T8-L3 67
  1. Notes: HV hemivertebra, R hemivertebra located on right side, L hemivertebra located on left side, FS full segmented, SS semi-segmented, M male, F female, SCM spinal cord malformation, FS failure of segmentation, HVR hemivertebra resection