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Table 6 Potential problem after hook plate fixation

From: Functional outcomes and complications of hook plate for bony mallet finger: a retrospective case series study

Potential problem.


Operative wound skin necrosis

Incision-Lazy Y skin incision was made to gather more blood supply to skin flap.

Nail deformity

Germinal matrix protection-Subperiosteal elevation of germinal matrix about 3-4 mm and put the plate under it.

Terminal tendon laxity with extension lag of DIP joint

Respect the soft tissue- Meticulously dissection without injury of the integrity of termial tendon-to-bone structure.

Implant loss reduction

(screw loosening)

Adequate screw purchase-Oblique trajectory of screw placement with bicortical screw purchase


Wide awake test-Intraoperative wide awake test to ensure adequate strength of fixation. Add Kirschner wire fixation, if wide awake test fail