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Table 8 Other pre-operative total knee replacement treatments: Importance ratings summary

From: Consensus on pre-operative total knee replacement education and prehabilitation recommendations: a UK-based modified Delphi study

Other pre-operative total knee replacement treatment itema % Important or Very Important rating
Round 1 (n = 60) Round 2 (n = 57) Round 3 (n = 55)
5.1 Patients who have a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or over should be referred to a weight management programme 67 67 73
5.2 Patients who have been formally diagnosed anxiety or depression should be offered CBT-based therapy 67 74 78
5.3 Patients should be offered motivational interviewing 38 37 33
5.4 Patients should be offered neuromuscular electrical stimulation 17 5 4
5.5 Patients should be offered electro-acupuncture 8 0 0
  1. BMI Body Mass Index
  2. CBT Cognitive behavioural therapy
  3. a Consensus was defined as at least 70% of respondents rating an item as ‘Important’ or ‘Very important’. Items in italics did not reach consensus in Round 3 and hence were excluded from the final list of recommendations. Items in plain text were prioritised as ‘Important’
  4. Additional File 2 provides the exact wording of each item