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Table 3 Independent factors for unplanned readmission after surgical fixation of displaced clavicle fractures

From: Complications of clavicle fracture surgery in patients with concomitant chest wall injury: a retrospective study

Variable p-value Adjusted OR 95% CI
30-day unplanned readmission
 Complex CWI vs. no CWI 0.049 1.59 1.00 to 2.54
 Rib fracture number 0.015 1.33 1.06 to 1.68
90-day unplanned readmission
 Complex CWI vs. no CWI 0.058 1.40 0.99 to 1.98
 Rib fracture number 0.028 1.21 1.02 to 1.43
  1. Stepwise backward multivariate logistic regression: Complex CWI (categorical) and rib fracture number (numerical) were both examined. All other covariates were selected initially. Less significant variable (p-value < 0.2) would be eliminated from the regression model
  2. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, CWI chest wall injury