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Table 3 The high-intensity physiotherapy program

From: Recovery trajectories over six weeks in patients selected for a high-intensity physiotherapy program after Total knee Arthroplasty: a latent class analysis

Aims program Improving physical functioning
Improving physical activity level in daily life
Improving self-management skills
Inclusion criteria For inclusion in the high-intensity physiotherapy program, the patient had to satisfy the following criteria:
1) was undergoing primary TKA procedure for osteoarthritis
2) was physically able to complete the intensive program
3) had no comorbidity that hindered the patient in doing exercises two times a day
4) was independent in activities of daily living before surgery
5) had no psychological distress related to a higher risk of worse outcome (49,50)
6) had a BMI ≤ 30, (risk factor for worse outcomes) (51))
7) provided informed consent
Hospital stay Three days
Physiotherapy was given two times a day with a mean duration of 18 min per session
Physiotherapy consisted of education, isometric quadriceps muscle exercises, Range of Motion exercises, transfers, walking with a walking aid and walking stairs
Program Location Resort hotel
Duration program 10 days
Frequency PT 2 times a day
Duration per PT session 1.5 h
Intensity High
Content PT Learning dynamic and symmetric walking pattern
Range of Motion exercises
(outside) walking on different surfaces
cycling on a home trainer
transfer training
muscle strength exercises
walking stairs
aqua therapy
fall prevention
Discharge home After the program patients were advised to exercise by themselves or continue physiotherapy in the home environment if necessary till goals were achieved in activities of daily living, sport and work activities.