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Table 2 Key theoretical domains frameworks domains that influenced themes

From: Utilising the perspectives of patients with lower-limb osteoarthritis on prescribed physical activity to develop a theoretically informed physiotherapy intervention

Grouping Theme TDF Domain
Kn Sk SPRI BACap Op BACon Rein Intent Goals MAD ECR SocI Em BehR
Personal factors Motivation              
Previous Experience              
Treatment Phase Routine          
Personalised Rx          
Post-Discharge Phase Access              
Psychosocial factors            
Physical factors               
  1. TDF Theoretical Domains Framework, Kn Knowledge, Sk Skills, SPRI Social/Professional Role and Identity, BACap Beliefs about Capabilities, Op Optimism, BACon Beliefs about Consequences, Rein Reinforcement, Intent Intention, MAD Memory, Attention and Decision Processes, ECR Environmental Context and Resources, SocI Social Influences, Em Emotion, BehR Behavioural Regulation